Telescope System Instrumentation Program (TSIP)

The Telescope System Instrumentation Program (TSIP) provides single and multi-year funding to develop new instrumentation, upgrade existing instruments, or otherwise enhance the scientific capability of the telescopes operated by the private (non-federally-funded) U.S. observatories. TSIP also provides a “system access” mechanism for direct exchange of telescope time for use by the community in exchange for operations funding. Proposals are solicited annually and are competitively reviewed. The program is open to non-public observatories and affiliated institutions with telescopes of 3-10m aperture.

In exchange for TSIP funding, specific allocations of observing time are made available to the public community on the telescopes of funded observatories. The observing time purchased by TSIP on behalf of the community is assigned to proposers via the standard NOAO time allocation process.

The FY11 call has been issued. Read more and download the 2011 TSIP Program Announcement of Opportunity.

Last updated or reviewed July 29, 2011.