The US Ground Based O/IR System

The entire suite of telescopes owned, operated, or partnered in by U.S. institutions make up the U.S. System. Since the 2000 Decadal Survey report, NOAO has undertaken to lead the development of the U.S. ground-based OIR System.

Unlike ESO, the US System is not centralized and there are many competing groups and diverse centers of activity. NOAO's role in the development of the System is to find ways to help these diverse centers work together to address the overall needs of US astronomers while allowing independent groups to pursue their own programs.

NOAO works with funding agencies to gain resources to help build the System both through NOAO and non-NOAO groups and sponsors a number of community based meetings and panels to help do this in a way that supports efficeint use of federal funding across the System.

Last updated or reviewed May 6, 2013.