NOAO Safety Information

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Safety at NOAO is a priority for all of our employees, observers, and visitors.

All safety questions or concerns may be directed to a Supervisor, Safety Manager, or the NOAO Director's Office. 

  If you are visiting or observing for the first time at Kitt Peak National Observatory (KPNO), welcome! 


 General Information

The following links provide general information on the policies and practices that are enforced at NOAO.

  • Environmental, Health & Safety Policy [PDF]
  • NOAO-N Environmental, Health & Safety Manual [PDF]

 Visitors/Observers Information

The following links provide information on mountain conditions, safety measures, weather, and wildlife that are present at KPNO.

  • Conducting Safety Review for Kitt Peak Visitors/Observers [PDF]
  • Heat/Cold Stress Awareness Policy [PDF]
  • KPNO-DESI Safety Training for Visitors [PPT]
  • Working at Altitude Awareness Policy [PDF]


Last updated or reviewed April 12, 2018.