Current Telescopes/Instruments

Telescope and Instrument Lists for 2016A

The following telescope/instrument/detector combinations are available in 2016A. This list is revised twice a year.


Instruments at Gemini Telescopes
Proposal Code Instrument/Detector
Gemini North
GMOS-N Gemini Optical Imager, Multi-Object Spectrograph and IFU
GNIRS Gemini Near Infra-Red Spectrograph
NIFS near-IR IFU spectrograph
NIRI Near-Infrared Imager
TEXES Texas Echelon Cross Echelle Spectograph (visitor instrument)
GRACES Gemini Remote Access to CFHT EsPaDOnS Spectrograph (visitor instrument)
Gemini South
FLAMINGOS-2 Near-IR wide field imager and spectrometer.
GMOS-S Gemini Optical Imager, Multi-Object Spectrograph and IFU
GPI Gemini Planet Imager
GSAOI + GeMS Gemini South AO Imager and Multi-Conjugate AO System
DSSI DSSI Speckle Camera (visitor instrument)
Phoenix Phoenix hi-res IR Spectrometer (visitor instrument)
Subaru (Exchange Time)
COMICS Cooled Mid-IR Camera and Spectrometer
FMOS Near-IR Fiber-Fed Multi-Object Spectrograph
FOCAS Faint Object Camera and Spectrograph
HDS High Dispersion Spectrograph
HSC Hyper Suprime-Cam wide-field Optical Imager
IRCS IR Camera and Spectrograph
IRCS+AO188 IRCS + Natural and Laser Guide Star AO
MOIRCS Multi-Object IR Camera and Spectrograph
Suprime-Cam wide-field Optical Imager
Instruments at the Anglo-Australian Telescope
Proposal Code Instrument/Detector
AAOmega+2dF Fiber-fed Optical Spectrograph
AAOmega+KOALA 1000-element optical IFU
AAOmega+SAMI 13 IFU fiber bundles over a 1-degree field
HERMES+2dF High Efficiency and Resolution Multi-Element Spectrograph
IRIS2 n-IR imager and longslit/multi-slit spectrograph
UCLES Cross-dispersed Echelle Spectrograph
UCLES +CYCLOPS2 Cross-dispersed Echelle Spectrograph + 16-element IFU
Instruments at CTIO Telescopes
Proposal Code Instrument/Detector
4-m Blanco Telescope
DECam Dark Energy Camera
COSMOS Cerro Tololo Ohio State Multi-Object Spectrograph
TS4 ARCoIRIS TripleSpec4 near-IR spectrograph
4-m SOAR Telescope
Goodman Goodman Spectrograph + Fairchild 4Kx4K CCD
SOI SOAR Optical Imager + E2V 4Kx4K Mosaic
OSIRIS Ohio State IR Imager/Spectrometer
Spartan Spartan IR Imager
SAM SOAR Adaptive Module
1.5-m Telescope
CHIRON CHIRON fiber echelle spectrograph
1.3m Telescope
ANDI+CCDIR Cass Direct + CCD/IR Queue-Service
0.9-m Telescope
CFIM+T2K Cass Direct + SITe 2K CCD
Primary Instruments/Detectors at KPNO Telescopes
Proposal Code Instrument/Detector
4-m Mayall Telescope
MOSA Prime Focus CCD Camera with Mosaic Imager and Mosaic-3 upgrade
NEWFIRM very wide-field IR imager
KOSMOS Kitt Peak Ohio State Multi-Object Spectrograph in single-slit mode
KOSMOSM Kitt Peak Ohio State Multi-Object Spectrograph in multi-object mode
WIYN (3.5-m Telescope)
ODI (40'x48' focal plane) One Degree Imager
GRDPK GradPak IFU + Bench Spectrograph + STA1 CCD
HEXPK HexPak IFU + Bench Spectrograph + STA1 CCD
HYDRB Hydra + Bench Spectrograph + STA1 CCD, Blue camera
HYDRR Hydra + Bench Spectrograph + STA1 CCD, Red camera
SPSPKR SparsePak Fiber Array + Bench Spectrograph + STA1, Red camera
WHIRC WIYN High Resolution IR Camera
DSSI Differential Speckle Survey Instrument (available for exoplanet proposals only)
WIYN (0.9-m Telescope)
HDI Half-Degree Imager

Last updated or reviewed November 9, 2015.