Available Facilities

The latest Call for Proposals is available here.

Facility Telescope Approximate nights available for new 2017B programs Additional Info
CTIO 4m Blanco Telescope 45 Large commitment (DES) in "B" semesters.  "A" semesters largely unaffected.
KPNO 4m Mayall Telescope 78 2017B to be final semester of general access for PI programs
Gemini 8m Gemini North Telescope 52  
  8m Gemini South Telescope 59  
  8m Subaru Telescope (available through exchange) 3


SMARTS 1.3m, 0.9m 110hrs, 21N  
SOAR 4.2m SOAR Telescope 39  
WIYN 3.5m WIYN Telescope 56 NASA Exoplanet GO Proposals for the WIYN 3.5-m Telescope
  0.9m Telescope 23  
LBT Large Binocular Telescope, two 8.4m mirrors 7 Community Access to LBT
AAO 3.9m AAT at the Australian Astronomical Observatory (available through exchange) 5 Community Access to AAT
CHARA 6 X 1m Interferometer 15 Community Access to CHARA
LCO Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network, 1m and 2m 1220hrs, 220hrs Earlier call, with proposals due 10 February, 2017


Last updated or reviewed March 1, 2017.