US National Gemini Office

The US NGO main goal is to support US Gemini Users in the phases of the astronomical observing cycle, from proposal preparation through data analysis. This page is the main portal to all information needed in the different phases, explaining and connecting to specific Gemini web pages, where users can find definitive contents on instruments and modes. In addition, this page contains tools for data reduction and analysis for the entire Gemini community.  All Gemini Users are encouraged to contact us with questions and comments.




Want to know how to reduce your GMOS data?  -- Check out our GMOS data reduction cookbook.


A draft NIRI reduction manual is now available.


For help reducing your data join the Gemini Data Reduction User forum.  


Have questions about GMOS? -- Take a look in the FAQ pages

Consult our guide for submitting a GMOS proposal!


News on Gen4#3 instrumentation

Post-data acquisition sites


Who We Are

Tom Matheson at NOAO supports the Gemini Archive.  Dave Bell at NOAO supports Phase I.

Last updated or reviewed October 13, 2016.