System User Support (SUS)

System User Support (SUS) provides help to users for observing proposal preparation and submission to all of US O/IR System facilities that provide NSF-sponsored community access, including NOAO operated facilities. SUS also answers questions about post-observing data processing.

SUS encompasses the US National Gemini Office (US NGO). US observing time on the Gemini Observatory telescopes comprises the largest part of community open access to non-NOAO ground-based facilities. This page will be updated early in 2015 to reflect the new role of the US NGO.  A portal for Gemini data processing will be linked to this page. 

SUS is part of the NOAO System Science Center (NSSC).

For further information, please contact the SUS/US NGO Head Letizia Stanghellini (

Last updated or reviewed December 31, 2014.