NOAO/Gemini Mini-Workshop Target of Opportunity Observing in the LSST Era

Session Abstract
The era of big data in astronomy is here. LSST is under construction. LSST
operations will begin in the early 2020s and millions of transient events will be
detected each night. NOAO is actively working on tools to allow targets of interest
to be sorted from the flood of transients. A huge increase in demand for target of
opportunity (ToO) observations to follow up the transients is expected. NOAO and
Gemini have started planning for changes in observing protocol to accommodate
the anticipated changes in telescope use.
At the January AAS meeting, the US NGO hosted a splinter session on ToO
observing. This is one of a series of mini-workshops sponsored by the US NGO.

Last updated or reviewed January 29, 2018.