Phoenix Overheads

Phoenix will be offered in visitor mode.  A block of nights will be allocated by the TAC and NOAO staff will carry out TAC approved observations.   There is no minimum time requirement but the overheads suggest that requests of less than one hour will result in very little on-sky time.

Proposers should include the following overheads:

  • Acquisition 1 - 2.5 micron region 15 minutes
  • Acquisition  2.5 - 5 micron region 25 minutes
  • Observing efficiency is 80% from 1 - 2.5 microns, 75% in 2.5-5 microns, and 70% in all bands when nodding to the sky.  
  • Re-centering must be done after 60 to 90 minutes of observation.  Recentering takes 10 minutes.  
  • One telluric reference observation for each two hours of observation will be covered by observatory overhead
  • Flats will be covered by observatory overhead.   Standard flats have S/N~200.  If high signal-to-noise flats are requiered extra time must be included in the proposal.
  • Hollow cathode (1 -  2.5 micron region only) spectra are not covered by overhead.  30 minutes should be added for a hollow cathode spectrum.  Due to the limited wavelength coverage of Phoenix and the general weakness of the hollow cathode spectrum in the infrared hollow cathode spectra are not recommended for wavelength calibration.  

Last updated or reviewed September 23, 2015.