IRAF - Image Reduction and Analysis Facility

  • IRAF - Software distribution and documentation.  v2.15 features 64-bit platform support.
  • X11IRAF - Includes XImtool image display and XGterm graphics terminal.  v2.0 features support for 24-bit displays.
  • - IRAF support from the IRAF development team, including user forum, FAQ, documents, etc.

IRAF External Packages

  • NFEXTERN - Data reduction package for the NEWFIRM wide-field IR imager, and general IR Mosaic data reduction
  • MSCRED - General CCD Mosaic data reduction package.
  • FITSUTIL - Utilities for single and MEF FITS files including Tile Compressed data.
  • Other IRAF External Packages

Data Reduction Pipelines

  • NHPPS – The NOAO High Performance Pipeline System

Community Resources

Last updated or reviewed February 28, 2011.