Page Charge Support for Archival Research

NOAO has funds available to support page charges for papers utilizing data from the NOAO Science Archive through an NSF grant to support cyber-infrastructure and cyber-science. This opportunity applies to papers making use of archived data from NOAO Survey Programs, as well as archival use of raw or pipeline-reduced data retrieved from the NOAO Science Archive.  It is not meant for PIs or Co-Is who are writing papers based on data from their own NOAO observing programs.

Researchers who are submitting papers that use data retrieved from the NOAO Archives should, at the time of journal submission, send an electronic copy of the manuscript to, stating that they are requesting support from the NSA page charge fund and indicating the journal to which the manuscript has been submitted. Following review for eligibility, the NOAO librarian will respond with confirmation that page charge support will be provided.

Papers for which such support is requested must acknowledge the source of the data.

Last updated or reviewed March 1, 2011.