Gemini Web Information Overview

General information:  Information about how to handle your Gemini data can be found at  This page includes Gemini web page links that discuss all the data processing steps from quallity assessment through publication and observer feedback.  Some of the most useful links are:

Getting your data:  All data must be retrieved from the Gemini Observatory Archive (GOA). Information on GOA can be found at .

IRAF: The Gemini IRAF package, and its dependencies, including IRAF and PyRAF, are distributed with Anaconda, through the AstroConda distribution channel. Download and other information on these packages can be found at

Getting started with IRAF:  The classic starting point is the 1993 Beginner's Guide to Using IRAF by J. Barnes 1993.  A terse but more up-to-date step-by-step IRAF guide has been prepared by N. Caon at the IAC.

Other IRAF Guides:  A compilation of guides can be found on the IAC web site.  If you want to understand/write scripts you will need to consult the CL User's Guide and the Introductory User's Guide to IRAF Scripts.  Despite the names neither guide is for beginners.

Data reduction support for Gemini IRAF related problems 

Links by Instrument:  The Gemini web site provides links on data reduction for each instrument.  General information on near-IR observations includes wavelength calibration information, line lists, photometric, spectroscopic, telluric standard lists, spectral templates, etc. There is additional data reduction information for each Gemini instrument  on the instrument's web page under the topic “data format and reduction”.

Workshops, examples, data reduction forum:  Links to Partner data workshops and the Data Reduction User Forum

HELP!: You have access to the Gemini Helpdesk for all types of help




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Last updated or reviewed February 15, 2018.