US National Gemini Office

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The US NGO main goal is to support US Gemini Users in the phases of the astronomical observing cycle, from proposal preparation through data analysis. This page is the main portal to all information needed in the different phases, explaining and connecting to specific Gemini web pages, where users can find definitive contents on instruments and modes. In addition, this page contains tools for data reduction and analysis for the entire Gemini community. You don't find what you are looking for? Let us know (email addresses below).



Gemini Science Instruments and data reduction links

Who We Are

Letizia Stanghellini ( is an Astronomer at the NSF's OIR Lab, and the Head of the US NGO

Dara Norman (,  Deputy Director of the Community Science and Data Center
Jane Price (, Administration Support contact 
David Herrera (, collaborates with the US NGO
Verne Smith (,  Manager of the National TAC











Last updated or reviewed January 31, 2020.