IAU Division H - Planetary Nebulae Working Group

The IAU approved the new Commission

C.H3: Planetary Nebulae.

The work plan milestones of the IAU PN Commission for the next 6-9 years will be:

a. Establish the OC with founders and elected members.

b. Work on a renewed webpage that reflects the current mission of the PN commission.

c. A general IAU PN Symposium will be proposed to the IAU approximately every 5 years.

d. Work with the different PN communities (e.g., extragalactic PNe, asymmetrical PNe, chemical evolution and models, and others) to establish a reasonable pace for plenary Symposia, and other splinter meetings, as needed.

e. Engage the international student community with the PN science by encourage them to apply to science meetings, give PN talks worldwide that can be accessible to all levels, and maintain contact with college/university professors that teach PN related classes

f. Establish a cadence for the publication of IAU PN commission white papers. To this end, the PN Commission will be ideally suited to gain feedback from the community via broad community surveys and other specific actions as needed. The commission white paper shall include the major PN science drivers, and will request the PN community input to select the leading themes for the requested period

Starting August 2015 the IAU PN WG will be dissolved.

On 5/19, the IAU Secretariat sent the instructions for OC candidacy to all PN Commission members.

IAUS 323: Planetary nebulae: Multi-wavelength probes of stellar and galactic evolution  has been approved!

The Symposium SOC Chairs are Xiaowei Liu, Letizia Stanghellini, and Amanda Karakas.

More general information  http://www.iau.org/news/announcements/detail/ann15010/

Symposium information   http://www.iau.org/science/meetings/future/symposia/1156/

Focus Meeting FM4 at the 2015 IAU General Assembly Planetary nebulae as probes of galactic structure and evolution

will be part of the XXIX IAU General Assembly. The focus meeting will be held in Honolulu, Hawaii, on August 5-6, 2015. SOC chairs are Letizia Stanghellini, Miriam Pena, and Roberto Mendez. SOC members are the IAU PN WG members. Program and other information can be found at:



Last updated or reviewed May 19, 2015.