IAU Division H - Planetary Nebulae Working Group

The aims of this Working Group are:

  • To ensure that scientific symposia on planetary nebulae take place regularly, ideally every 5 years. These symposia would preferably be sponsored by the IAU;
  • To organize and coordinate the Joint Discussions on the subject at the IAU General Assemblies. These discussions should address topics of interest not only to our Division VI but to other Divisions as well; and
  • To maintain a Web page with general information about the WG, the activities related to planetary nebulae, and the future meetings and symposia.

Group News:

Focus Meeting FM4 at the 2015 IAU General Assembly

"Planetary nebulae as probes of galactic structure and evolution"

A focus meeting by the IAU PN WG has been selected for the XXIX IAU General Assembly in Honolulu, Hawaii, August 5-6, 2015. The SOC Chairs are Letizia Stanghellini, Miriam Pena, and Roberto Mendez. The SOC members are the IAU PN WG Members. More information about the meeting including rationale and topics can be found at


Astronomers working on PNe and related fields are invited to submit their contributions to the Focus Meeting FM4 through the IAU General assembly website


Preliminary invited speaker list includes: Paolo Ventura (Italy), Fabio Bresolin (USA), Leticia Carigi (Mexico), Claudia Maraston (UK), Lodovico Coccato (Germany), Magda Arnaboldi (Germany)

Pleaser contact Letizia Stanghellini (lstanghellini@noao.edu) for further information.


IAU PN WG White Paper

"The Present and Future of Planetary Nebula Research: a White Paper by the IAU Planetary Nebulae Working Group", is in press on the RMxAA. Preprint available from the link below.




Last updated or reviewed November 25, 2014.