Scientific Staff

NOAO scientific staff, location, scientific interests, and functional duties. Personal web sites can be accessed by clicking on the scientist’s name. The NOAO South Staff are listed below, and as a group here.

Phone numbers and email addresses for all employees are available in the NOAO Phone List Search.

NOAO Science Staff
Name Rank Scientific Interests Functional Responsibilities Location
Timothy Abbott (Tim) Scientist Late stages of binary stellar evolution; Optical and IR observing systems: telescopes, instrumentation; operations
Blanco Telescope Scientist, ACTR chair, DECam team support member La Serena
Helmut Abt Astronomer Emeritus Double stars; stellar rotation; stellar characteristics; publication practices in astronomy Thai 2.4-m telescope (Tucson supervisor), Scientometrics Tucson
Lori Allen Scientist Star and planet formation; infrared astronomy and instrumentation NOAO Associate Director for Kitt Peak National Observatory Tucson
Michael Belton (Mike) Astronomer Emeritus Planetary science; comets; asteroids; Jupiter system   Tucson
Robert Blum (Bob) Astronomer Galactic Center; stellar kinematics and mass distribution in the central Milky Way NOAO Deputy Director Tucson
César Briceño Associate Scientist Star formation, young stars SOAR Support, SAM support. La Serena
Arjun Dey Astronomer Galaxy evolution; high redshift galaxies; large-scale structure NOAO/KPNO DESI liaison scientist, Keck contact scientist Tucson
Mark Dickinson Associate Astronomer Galaxy formation and evolution; high redshift galaxies; active galactic nuclei Science Data Management program scientist;  US TMT Liaison office Tucson
Mark Everett Research Associate Exoplanets; stellar variability; time domain studies Kepler Mission Follow-up Program Tucson
Katy Garmany

Emeritus Scientist

Massive stars, evolution and formation; astronomical education Tohono O'odham relataions  Tucson
Brooke Gregory Retired Scientist Infrared instrumentation; cryogenic instrumentation; telescope optics and upgrades; adaptive optics   La Serena
Stephen Heathcote (Steve) Astronomer Young Stellar Objects, Herbig-Haro outflows NOAO Associate Director for NOAO South (including Cerro Tololo Interamerican Observatory) SOAR/La Serena
Kenneth Hinkle (Ken) Scientist Circumstellar and interstellar matter; molecular spectroscopy; peculiar stars; instrumentation
Gemini User support (GNIRS, Michelle, NIRI); Instrument scientist (Phoenix)
Richard Joyce (Dick) Scientist Late-type stars; mass loss; infrared detector and instrumentation development Telescope scientist (Mayall 4m), instrument scientist (WHIRC, FLAMINGOS), Gemini User support (GNIRS) Tucson
Thomas Kinman (Tom) Astronomer Emeritus Galactic structure; galactic halo; horizontal branch stars   Tucson
Tod Lauer Astronomer Cosmology; large-scale structure of the Universe; evolution of the Universe; distance scale; structure of galaxies; dense stellar system; black holes in galactic nuclei; stellar populations WIYN Board Member; Instrument Scientist: MOSAIC; NOAO LSST science working group; NOAO Survey Liaison Tucson
Roger Lynds Astronomer Emeritus Star and galaxy formation; products of galaxy interaction in the recent and early Universe   Tucson
Thomas Matheson (Tom) Associate Astronomer Supernovae; novae; gamma-ray bursts; cosmology Gemini user support (GMOS), Gemini archive support, NOAO LSST science working group, SCD/ANTARES Tucson
Joan Najita  Astronomer

Star and planet formation;  substellar objects; infrared spectroscopy; wide-field surveys

Office of Science Program Head, E-newsletter Currents editor, astronomy community outreach Tucson
Gautham Narayan Research Associate Cosmology: dark energy, and the evolution of the Universe, distance indicators, supernovae, modeling and high-performance computing Post doctoral researcher Tucson
David Nidever Associate Scientist Galaxy formation and evolution; galactic chemical evolution; galactic structure; Magellanic Clouds; stellar populations; large photometric and spectroscopic surveys; software pipelines Survey Data Scientist Tucson
Robert Nikutta Associate Scientist AGN tori & central engine (IR & X-ray & sub-mm), surveys & catalogs (WISE, SDSS), Bayesian & advanced statistics, variability of AGN, IR interferometry, dust radiative transfer in clumpy media, software development, modeling & SED fitting, big data, HPC in astronomy, visualization Survey Data Scientist Tucson
Dara Norman Associate Scientist Gravitational lensing; large scale structure; quasars NOAO Diversity Co-Advocate, Gemini user support (GMOS) (also assigned NDO, see above) Tucson
Knut Olsen Associate Astronomer Stellar populations; galaxy formation and evolution; interaction of stars with the ISM System Community Development Head, NOAO LSST science working group Tucson
Sean Points Associate Scientist Interstellar medium (ISM); the Magellanic Clouds; evolved stars; astronomical instrumentation Instrument Scientist: SOI & Goodman Spectrograph; Project Scientist: K/COSMOS La Serena
Stephen Pompea (Steve) Observatory Scientist Inquiry- and research-based science education; astronomical instrumentation EPO Head, Manager Of Science Education, Public Information Officer Tucson
Ronald Probst (Ron) Scientist Star-forming regions; low-mass stars; infrared imaging instrumentation Instrument scientist (NEWFIRM), Gemini user support (NICI) Tucson
Jayadev Rajagopal Associate Scientist Circumstellar dust, debris disks; high angular resolution techniques in optical/infrared; atmospheric turbulence WIYN Telescope Scientist,
Gemini User Support (NICI)
Amy Reines Research Associate Massive black holes in dwarf galaxies; evolution of black holes and galaxies; AGNs; extragalactic star formation Hubble Fellow Tucson
Stephen Ridgway (Steve)


 Variability, transients and temporal sky surveys LSST performance metrics lead, optical interferometry community liaison Tucson
Susan Ridgway Associate Scientist Quasar host galaxies Gemini user support (NIRI, GMOS) Tucson
Abhijit Saha (Abi) Astronomer Variable stars; stellar populations; cosmological distance scale; imaging and photometry Astronomer in NSSC-LSST; lead scientist for LSST-OpSIM Tucson
David Silva (Dave) Senior Scientist Extragalactic stellar populations; elliptical galaxies NOAO Director Tucson
Malcolm Smith Astronomer Global environmental impact of light pollution; the early Universe; quasars/active galactic nuclei Site protection, EPO La Serena
R. Christopher Smith (Chris) Astronomer Supernovae; optical transients; supernova remnants; the interstellar medium DECam support, AURA Head of Mission in Chile La Serena
Verne Smith Astronomer High-resolution spectroscopy; cosmochemistry; nuclear astrophysics; chemical evolution; stellar populations; stellar atmospheres; stellar evolution NOAO Associate Director for NOAO System Science Center Tucson
David Sprayberry Senior Scientist Instrumentation and observing techniques; galaxy formation and evolution; statistical analysis of galaxy populations, especially dwarf and low surface brightness galaxies Head of Program NSTC; Project Manager for NOAO-DESI Tucson
Letizia Stanghellini Associate Astronomer Stellar structure and evolution; Galactic and extragalactic planetary nebulae (PNe); stellar populations System Users Support Head, MMT contact scientist Tucson
Stephen Strom (Steve) Astronomer Emeritus Formation and evolution of planetary systems; origin of stellar angular moment   Tucson
Andrei Tokovinin Astronomer Statistics and formation of binary and multiple stars; adaptive optics; site testing Instrument scientist(1.5-m echelle), project scientist (SOAR Adaptive Optics Module) La Serena
Francisco Valdes (Frank) Scientist Cosmology; gravitational lensing; stellar spectroscopy; astronomical software
Data pipelines (ODI, DECam-CP,+), IRAF application development
Nicole van der Bliek Scientist Instrumentation; young stars and cool stars NOAO South Deputy Director La Serena
Katherina Vivas Assistant Astronomer

Stellar populationss, RRL variable stars, galactic structure

CTIO Support Astronomer, DECam support team member La Serena
Alistair Walker Astronomer Stellar populations; the Magellanic Clouds; the distance scale; astronomical instrumentation and detectors DECam Instrument Scientist, Leader of Optical Imagers Support Team, Member of the NOAO Promotion and Tenure Committee, Member of CTIO Advisory Committee on Technical Resources (ACTR), LSST Operations Planning  La Serena
Constance Walker (Connie) Scientist Inquiry- and research-based science education; submillimeter-wave spectroscopy of star formation in galaxies at different epochs Dark skies awareness, informal science programs Tucson
Sidney Wolff Astronomer Emeritus Star formation; stellar rotation President, LSST Corporation Tucson
Alfredo Zenteno Research Associate Observational Cosmology DECam/Blanco Support La Serena


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