US TMT Science Working Group

The US TMT Science Working Group (SWG) was established following the cooperative agreement between the National Science Foundation and the Thirty Meter Telescope Observatory Corporation.  The US TMT SWG meets quarterly to develop US community consensus perspectives for input to the TMT Science Advisory Committee.  Over the five-year period of the NSF-TMT cooperative agreement, the US TMT SWG will produce reports on US community views to guide future NSF-TMT interactions.

Name Institution
US TMT Science Working Group Members
Todd Boroson Las Cumbres Observatory
Ian Dell'Antonio Brown University
Mark Dickinson (chair) NOAO
Anthony Gonzalez University of Florida
Stephen Kane San Francisco State University
Jennifer Lotz STScI
Lucas Macri Texas A&M University
Paul Martini Ohio State University
Susan Neff GSFC
Deborah Padgett GSFC
Lisa Storrie-Lombardi IPAC
Charles Telesco University of Florida


Last updated or reviewed January 9, 2014.