US Gemini Caucus

The US Gemini Caucus is made up of  US representatives on the Gemini Board, Gemini STAC, and the Chair of the NOAO Users Committee, as well as the NSF Program Officers for Gemini and NOAO, along with the NOAO Director and Deputy Director, the NOAO System Science Center Director, and the Program Head of NOAO System User Support.  This group meets, as needed via telecon, to discuss and comment on the US perspective on matters that bear on the scientific quality and productivity of the Gemini telescopes.

Name Institution US member of:
Edo Berger Harvard University Gemini Board
Daniel Jaffe University of Texas, Austin Gemini Board
Imke de Pater University of California, Berkeley Gemini Board
David Silva NOAO Gemini Board
James Ulvestad NSF Gemini Board
Sylvain Veilleux University of Maryland Gemini Board
Thomas Barnes McDonald Observatory Gemini STAC
Jacob Bean University of Chicago Gemini STAC
Marc Buie SRI Gemini STAC
Donald Gavel University of California, Santa Cruz Gemini STAC
Paul Martini (Chair) Ohio State University Gemini STAC
Abi Saha NOAO Gemini STAC
Gillian Wilson UC, Riverside Gemini STAC
Anthony Gonzales (Chair) University of Florida NOAO Users Cmte
Vernon Pankonin NSF  
Gary Schmidt NSF  
Robert Blum NOAO  
Letizia Stanghellini NOAO  
Verne Smith NOAO  


Last updated or reviewed September 10, 2015.