Ground-based O/IR System Roadmap Committee

The image above is from the Ground-based System Roadmap Committee’s summary of the results from their November 2011 survey of the community’s use of the U.S. System of O/IR facilities. Shown are the US telescopes used by more than 3% of the approximate 1000 U.S. based survey respondents. The size of each ellipse represents the number of users, while the thickness of the lines between telescopes is proportional to the number of common users.

Our Response to the NSF Portfolio Review:

System Roadmap Committee Statement on the NSF Portfolio Review Committee Report and the NSF Response 

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Updated List of Endorsers

Our Submission to the NSF/AST Portfolio Review:

Sustaining Progress Toward The Decadal Survey Science Priorities Over the Next Decade

Link to the spreadsheet/table referred to in the above submission, containing the responses of U.S. based researchers to survey (see immediately below) question number six.

U.S. Ground-based Optical/near-IR System Roadmap Committee Community Survey

Summary of Survey Responses from U.S. based or sponsored researchers.

In November of 2011 we conducted a survey of the astronomical community to inform our assessment of the current state of ground-based O/IR observing capabilities and the community's plans for using existing facilities to pursue the science highlighted by the decadal surveys in their reports, New Worlds, New Horrizons in Astronomy and Astrophysics (NWNHand Vision and Voyages for Planetary Science in the Decade 2013-2022 (VVPS).  While our survey has closed, you may view the survey questions through this link. Our report is available at the link above. 


Committee Members:

  • Tom Soifer (Caltech) (Co-Chair)
  • Joan Najita (NOAO) (Co-Chair)
  • Kelle Cruz (Hunter College - City University of New York and the American Museum of Natural History)
  • Suzanne L. Hawley (University of Washington)
  • Craig Hogan (Fermi Lab and the University of Chicago)
  • Buell T. Jannuzi (Steward Observatory)
  • Lynne Jones (University of Washington)
  • Elizabeth Lada (University of Florida)
  • Nancy Levenson (Gemini Observatory)
  • Michael Liu (University of Hawaii)
  • Suvrath Mahadevan (Pennsylvania State University)
  • Catherine Pilachowski (Indiana University)
  • Josh Simon (OCIW)
  • Nathan Smith (University of Arizona)
  • Michael Strauss (Princeton University)
  • Jeff Valenti (STScI)
  • Verne Smith (NOAO; ex-officio)


Purpose of the Committee:

The U.S. Ground-based O/IR System Roadmap Committee is a standing advisory committee charged by NOAO to annually assess the state of the ground-based optical/near-IR system of observing facilities (i.e. all ground-based optical/IR telescopes operated by US institutions, including both federal and non-federal facilities) and make recommendations regarding which capabilities are needed by the community on near and long term timescales. We are a successor to the past ALTAIR and ReSTAR Committees that performed valuable one-time assessments of the state of the U.S. ground-based system. The System Roadmap Committee has representation from the entire U.S. community that uses the system of ground-based federal and non-federal O/IR facilities. Our objective is to help the community and funding agencies that support us maximize the scientific return of the whole system.


Last updated or reviewed November 14, 2012.